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PostSubject: **READ FIRST** WHITELIST APPLICATION TEMPLATE!   Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:15 am


1. Please make your thread in "Pending". This is done by hitting "New Topic" button located above the stickies.

2. Please name your thread ([yourname's] Whitelist Application)

3. We prefer all member of this server be 18+ years of age. However, a high quality application matters more to us than age. Please fill out the application truthfully and with care. If you can't take the time to apply seriously, then we aren't going to take the time to seriously consider your application. More than one sentence per section is necessary. Anything shorter will be subject to auto-decline.

If you are under 18 years of age, you agree that you have your parents' permission to join the server and forum.

If you lie about your age or application information your whitelist will be permanently removed.

4. Copy the "template" below to Word, so that you have the advantages of grammar and spelling tools. Using that template, fill out the details. Once finished, create a thread in the "Pending," then move your completed application over to the thread. YOU MUST THE TEMPLATE BELOW. Anything not in this format will automatically be rejected.

5. We are the final arbiters of maturity. If you open with "But I'm mature for my age" then you will be declined.

6. After your application has been posted in "Pending" it will either be moved to "Declined" or "Accepted" depending on the discussion by the Admins.

7. DO NOT ASK US TO LOOK AT YOUR APP. We will get to it when we have the admins available to. If you ASK US ONCE AFTER SUBMISSION, we will auto-decline your app.

8. If accepted, you will receive a private message on the forums with the server info. Do not give this out to anyone. DO NOT ASK FOR THE IP. It will be given to you. If you ask for it, it will not be given to you.

9. If declined, you should check the "Whitelist Appeals" section of the forum to look at your options.

10. At the very bottom of your post/whitelist application type the letters "KRK" so that we know you read the directions fully. (You will not be approved without this being followed.)

P.S. IGN stands for In-game name. It is the name you log into Minecraft with. We need this to whitelist you if we decide to approve your app.

*****Whitelist Application Template*****



Why do you want to join?:

What are some of your favorite/best creation(s):

What type of skills do you have in Minecraft?(Building/Redstone/pvp)

Have you ever been a part of another server? And if you left, why?:

How long have you played Minecraft?:

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