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 There should be EE on the server.

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PostSubject: There should be EE on the server.   Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:04 am

Today while I was on the server, someone said that there was no EE mod installed on the server.
This, I thought was not a good thing as there is a lot of cool machines and other stuff that cost a lot of diamonds, but we will not be able to make these things if the is no EE mod to condense things with.
Please consider adding the the EE mod as it is a great part of tekkit.
Yours Sincerely

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PostSubject: Re: There should be EE on the server.   Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:19 am

This has already been stated from the outset repeatedly. We have no plans on allowing EE, period. If that changes we will let everyone know.

Tl;dr: "No."
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PostSubject: Re: There should be EE on the server.   Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:35 pm

I don't think we are looking to make the server easier to the point where everyone has diamonds or massive amounts of good items and get bored of the game easily either never entering again or begins in the adventure of grief and stealing.
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PostSubject: Re: There should be EE on the server.   Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:30 am

What Numz said....

I am going to give my rant here...

This way I never again have to say all this.

EE end game is overpowered for SMP

I can get a fully functional M3 Flower set up in about 4 hours...

Once you have one of those...The game is pretty much over.

Volcante Amulet: Immune to lava and fire. No more use for the challenge of making fire res pots, which without this is the most useful pot to have.

Evertide Amulet: Immune to drowning. Now you just made there no reason to go for the respiration enchant.

Body Stone: Refills your hunger. We have it on hard so that people will have to factor in hunger into their gameplay...We WANT our server to be challenging.

Swiftwolf's Ring: Now you can fly....Unlimitedly...Versus something like the IC2 jetpack, that actually makes you work to keep it recharged....

Condenser: Gives you pretty much anything without effort, no reason to go mining now. Wait wait....You play MINEcraft but don't like mining...Ok then.....

Redmatter armor: Pretty much invulnerable....

So with just these few mentioned items...You now, can fly, can't take damage, can't drown, can't die in lava, and have any block given to you on command....Why does this sound so familiar... Oh snap! Its because THIS is creative.

Welcome to ONE reason EE is not on the server

Reason two

Between Demolition Catalysts and Mercurial Eyes...Someone could destroy months of work on someone else ban in about 20 seconds, meaning even if we were right on top of it, you know that nuke reactor you have been working so hard on? Well that one kid you just kinda sorta pissed off because he just happened to take something the wrong way and not how you meant it....Well, your nuke reactor is now gone, and the house, and oh yeaf, everything...

This is a Tekkit server.
Meaning about technology, and while something in the OP was mentioned about machines...In realilty...EE has none.

EE has magic. And magical artifacts.

There is not a single thing that actually could be considered a machine. It is all about transmutation or materials. IE: Transmutation Tablet...

If these reasons are not enough for you...
Here is the main one.

We say so.

And it is OUR server.

We chose what is on here, and if you don't like it, your loss is not going to keep us up at night. So best of luck to you finding yourself another server that can hold your interest.

Your friendly neighborhood Admin
~Kaylee (Enigma41)
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PostSubject: Re: There should be EE on the server.   

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There should be EE on the server.
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