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 **EXAMPLE** Enigma41's Whitelist Application

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PostSubject: **EXAMPLE** Enigma41's Whitelist Application   Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:22 am

IGN: Enigma41


Why do you want to join?: I was watching TheFriendlyBrits' and RPizzle's twitch streams and thought it would be fun to join in.

What are some of your favorite/best creation(s): All sorts of megacreations, including a 2k x 2k modern city, a 400 x 400 Medieval Castle, with a village and dock to match the theme. Doing the entire Final Fantasy 7 theme song with noteblocks. Avatar inspired hometree.

What type of skills do you have in Minecraft?(Building/Redstone/pvp) See my favorite creations for building and redstone, also have been in 8 seperate season of my old server's Ultra Hardcore Pvp game, winning 4 of which.

Have you ever been a part of another server? And if you left, why?: I have and currently a member of my own server, I have not entirely left, but things were getting slightly stale and i need a change of venue

How long have you played Minecraft?: Since early prerelease 1.6

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**EXAMPLE** Enigma41's Whitelist Application
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